Emily Martin Portfolio

Award Winning Website

Through my time with Teakettica LLC, I have helped achieve awards such as Best Website Blue Ribbon Awards  2016, 2018 & 2019 and Best Web Designer for North Delawhere What’s Happening in 2016 and 2017.

Teakettica LLC

I have gotten the chance to work for Teakettica LLC, a Delaware branding company, since I was a junior in high school as an intern and climbed through the ranks from production artist to design coordinator to project manager & developer to creative coordinator. I worked on several projects (many of which are in this portfolio) and learned so much of not only design and developing related skills, but skills for a small business owner. These such skills include, but are not limited to, Quickbooks, web maintenace, keeping constant contact with clients, organizing projects, completing tasks and problem solving.

In July 2020, Teakettica merged with Jenn Wells Designs to become BrandSwan. I kept my role as Creative Coordinator and helped develop the processes. I continued to work on web development projects more efficiently through open communication and adapting to our new systems.   

In Collaboration with Teakettica LLC

Projects with Teakettica LLC (March 2015- July 2020)